Become a member

Becoming a member helps not only yourself as establishing yourself as an accredited Youth Worker, but also strengthens our ability to support the industry. There is a power in numbers.

Our members are important and for now, it is free to join!

Youth Work NSW is a membership-based organisation, with members being a fundamental part of the organisation’s vision and driving the future of the association.

There are no membership fees for 2023 so join now at no cost by completing an online application form. (You can download a Word version of the application form here).

*If you joined in 2021 or 2022 your membership has rolled over into 2023.
*Membership fees will be reviewed at our AGM in December 2023.

Membership Tiers

There are two tiers of membership to the association with different pathways into each:

Full Membership

Youth workers currently in the industry

Full members can stand for office and vote within the association

Associate Membership

Students and those not working in the industry

Associate members cannot vote or stand for office, but can join sub-committees

To find out which pathway suits you best have a look at the Membership Pathways Table.
You can also review the Membership By-Laws.

Ways to become a youth worker

There are many ways that people enter the field of Youthwork. Some choose to enter the field by doing a training course. A Degree, Diploma or Certificate IV in Youthwork and experience working as a Youthworker is the main way people enter the profession.

Others train in a related field but choose to work with youth. A Degree in a closely related field (eg social work) and appropriate years of experience as a Youthworker is another way many people enter the profession.

Finally people end up in Youthwork because they want to work with young people. They will often have significant experience being employed as a Youthworker and will usually find when they think about it, that they have been working within the Youthwork Code of Ethics.

Membership Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for Youth Work NSW, there are a few minimum requirements:

Working with Children Check

Full members are required to supply evidence of a current Working with Children check or application details.


Full members are required to supply the names and contact details of three (3) referees, at least one of whom must be a youth worker of standing.

Informed and declared commitment to the Code of Ethics

Informed and declared commitment to the Code of Ethics as endorsed by Youth Work NSW is a condition of entry to membership in the Association. Applicants will be required to evidence the informed nature of their commitment by reference to the Association’s Ethics training, Youth Work Ethics training in accredited courses or other active processes of engagement with the Code.

Our Current Committee

All the committee members at Youth Work NSW are volunteers and work tirelessly alongside their industry relevant jobs.


Howard Sercombe

General Secretary


Sam Kettlewell



Jazzie Quinn

Deputy Convenor


Maddy Forwood



Abrar Ahmad



Sue Clissold

Committee Member


Stacy Jacobs

Committee Member


Kate Munro

Youth Action Representative